Matthew 14:29

Matthew 14:29 Come, he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.

There are many times that we look at a situation and come to our own conclusions because it seems too large to overcome. Guess what? There are many things that we cannot overcome, but God is able do to all things. We must be willing to take that step of faith and trust God has it under control. God always calls His children outside our comfort zones. There isn’t a promise it will be easy, but God will provide.

In this scripture, Peter asked to get out of the boat and come to Jesus. When Jesus said come, Peter went. He was focused on Jesus, he was following the command of Jesus, and he wasn’t allowing outside “stuff” to influence him. Peter was walking on water! However, Peter became distracted, took his eyes off Jesus, and started focusing on the elements that surrounded him. When he lost focus, he began to sink and called out for Jesus to help. Jesus extended his hand and helped Peter back in the boat. In verse 31, Jesus exclaimed, “You of little faith, why did you get out of the boat?”

In life, God will never give you full control, but He does give us opportunities to serve and reveal our love for Him. There will always be storms and struggles we will face, but we must remain focused on Him. When Jesus said, “why did you get out of the boat?’ He wasn’t saying, you should’ve stayed there. He was saying, “You got out because you wanted to come to and follow me!” We must be willing to get outside of our comfort zones and seek His will for our life. We must obey His call on our lives to follow Him and not allow those outside sources to distract us and prevent our following Jesus! Jesus says to you the same thing He said to Peter; “COME!”